Are you a beginner ukulele player? Here’s a ukulele startup toolkit.

You’ll find most of what you need to get strumming here. For free.

Buying a ukulele

If you don’t yet have a ukulele, here’s a link to my post about how to buy a beginner ukulele.

How to tune a ukulele

Here’s a link to my post about how to tune a ukulele.

How to hold a ukulele

Here’s a video showing the right way to hold your ukulele.

Chords and strums

Don’t try to learn too much at once. Start with three chords and two strums. I suggest starting with the chords of C, G and F.

Here’s a link to my video showing how to play the basic beginner strums.

I strongly recommend you don’t go any further than this. Practice these for a week or so.

About 10 minutes practice every day is plenty to begin with.

When you can play these basic chords and strums easily and without stopping in between, add two more chords and one more strum.

Chord chart

Here’s a link to download my beginner chord chart – free, no signup required.

Three songs, three chords

You can play lots of songs with the chords of C, G and F.

These ones are good songs to begin with, because they’re easy to play and most people already know them.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll be on to more complicated and fun songs very quickly.

Wheels on the Bus

Skip to my Lou

Old MacDonald Had A Farm

Want more help?

If you need more help than this, check out my Strum with Alice DIY Beginner Ukulele course. It’s not free – but at $NZ50 it’s less than the price of a ukulele.

Hi, I’m Alice

I’ve been in love with the ukulele since my mother, Sue, taught me three chords when I was six.

I teach ukulele to adult learners all over the world via Zoom and Skype. If you happen to live in Hamilton, New Zealand, I also teach group ukulele classes.

You can find out about my group classes by clicking here.

Click this link to book online ukulele lessons with me. $US160 for six half-hour lessons.

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Alice Bulmer music
Photographed by Brooke Baker

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