Space music: moon songs for ukulele

My ukulele group, The Strumbles, is playing space-themed songs this week.
Fifty years ago, some guys went for a walk on the moon. A couple of my friends were born around that time, and they’re having a combined birthday celebration.

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Music and wellbeing

This post is about how music is healing, in the widest sense of the word.
It’s a subject that’s close to my heart. It underpins the reasons why I teach ukulele and make music in the way I do.

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Ukulele practice tips 3 – forming habits

This post is about how to find time to practice the ukulele, in your already busy life.
In order to play ukulele regularly you’ll need to form a new habit. Some people find this very easy and others may have to work at it.

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Singing with the ukulele

I’m a ukulele teacher, not a singing teacher. But singing is central to the way I teach and play ukulele.
For me, the whole purpose of playing the ukulele is to sing songs.
Singing is one of the great routes to joy.

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How to play Cotton Fields on ukulele

Cotton Fields is a great song for beginner ukulele players. It only has three chords and an easy strum.
Some boys at my primary school had a ukulele band, and Cotton Fields was one of their greatest hits.

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Keys to transposition

This is a very basic, practical introduction to transposing for the ukulele. In this post I cover what transposition is and why it's useful. I also discuss four tools for transposition: a chord chart, an online transposer tool, a capo and barre chords. Many ukulele...

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