Sweet harmony

Sweet harmony

This is a post about harmony and how it works with ukulele. For me, playing ukulele means coming into close relationship with the beautiful harmonies of music. It’s much more direct and practical than when I’m playing violin, or piano, or even bass guitar. When...
Learning ukulele online

Learning ukulele online

This is a post about what it’s like to learn ukulele online, with me. An online ukulele lesson is pretty similar to having a Skype or Zoom meeting. Except with ukuleles, and singing as well. I’ve been teaching students all over the world, in several different time...

Kids and ukuleles

What’s the best age for children to start learning ukulele? This is a topic close to my heart – my mother started me off on the ukulele at age six. The ukulele is a great instrument for kids – it’s small, inexpensive and doesn’t take years to learn. I’ve taught lots...
Learning ukulele online

Your first ukulele

This post is about how to buy your first ukulele. One of the many great things about playing ukulele is that you don’t have to spend much money to get started. A good beginner’s ukulele will cost you under $60. Makala Dolphin is a very reliable beginner’s...

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