DIY beginner ukulele

A four-week self-study course to kickstart your ukulele playing!

You have a dream to be able to play a musical instrument. You’d love to be able to play and sing some of your favourite songs.

But you’ve tried a few times and it’s never worked out. You’re not sure exactly how to get started.

In this four-week self-study course I’ll show what you need to do, to start playing ukulele.

I’ll take you from zero to playing songs, in gradual steps. In just a few weeks you’ll be able to play some great songs!

Some kind words about the course: 

“I found Alice on YouTube and her videos were easy to follow, so signed up to her DIY Beginners course. One module a week for 4 weeks and you can revisit each module as often as you like. After 4 weeks I could play simple songs and chords.

Alice is such an encouraging and positive teacher. I highly recommend her .” – Barb F., Australia

This self-study course includes play-along videos, song books and other materials.

You can learn in your own time, without having to turn up to classes.

I’ve designed the course to take four or five weeks to complete. But you’ll have access to the practice videos and other material for the lifetime of the course.

Ready to start playing?  Buy The Strum with Alice DIY Beginner Ukulele Course for a single payment of $US35. 

Send me an email alice “at” I’ll send you an invoice and get you started ASAP. 

This course is ideal for adult beginners. I’ll show you what you need to know, to start playing songs. 

You don’t need to read music to play ukulele. You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn in a few weeks!

This course is for you if you have no previous musical experience

With ukulele, you can start from scratch and learn enough to join in with songs, in just a few weeks. Even if you’ve never played any other musical instrument.

What’s in the course

Each week I’ll send you an email with links to new course material.

You’ll get access to play-along teaching videos and practice videos.

About 15 minutes of daily practice is enough to make progress.

You’ll gradually build the foundation skills you need to play songs.

The Strum with Alice DIY Beginner Ukulele Course is a one-off payment of $US35.

Are you ready to get going?

Send me an email alice “at” I’ll send you an invoice and get you playing ASAP. 

You’ll learn:

  • twelve chords
  • at least six different strums
  • twelve songs
  • how to tune your ukulele
  • how to hold it
  • how to strum
  • how to read chord charts
  • how to buy a ukulele, if you don’t already have one
  • and much more! 

Terms and Conditions:

For full Terms and Conditions see here.

Terms of sale

The self-study courses are intended for the use of one person, or up to three people accessing the same computer. They are not transferable to more people.


I will refund the full price of the course, less $US10 admin fee, with no questions within two days (48 hours) of purchase. After that there will be no refund.

Consumer Guarantees

If any of the documents or links that I have provided in my services or self-study courses cannot be accessed with your computer system, then I will work with you to try to resolve this within 7 days. Alternatively I will offer you a refund, depending on how much of the course you cannot access.


I’m a musician and ukulele teacher based in Hamilton, New Zealand. I teach ukulele to adult players all over the world via the Zoom online platform.

I’ve created this self-study course based on my experience. I’ve taught hundreds of people to play ukulele – and I’d love to teach you too!


Strum your way to fun!


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