What’s missing? Why are you not (yet) making soulful music on ukulele?

You haven’t been making musical choices that put you at the centre.

Choices that are right for you and your way of being in the world, with your unique strengths and talents.

Maybe you have been trying to learn in music genres that aren’t what really makes your heart sing.

Maybe you’ve been struggling to learn to read music and other pieces of classical music theory that don’t really apply to the music you want to play on the ukulele.

Or maybe you do know music theory, but you’re not sure how this applies to the music that you want to make now.

Also, maybe you’re not feeling confident about singing while you’re playing. And you’re not sure what to do about this.

Alice Bulmer ukulele teacher


Here’s what I suggest you do:

Recognise and appreciate your beautiful musical uniqueness.

Acknowledge your hopes and desires. What you would love to be able to do as a musician.

Take stock of where you are, including strengths that you already have, that you can use in music. (Even if you’re a total  beginner you’ll have some of these!)

Also list what you don’t yet know.

Set realistic goals that take into account your own rhythms and timing, and your lifestyle.

Work towards your desired outcomes, with accountability and encouragement.

Get support from someone who can help you understand what you’re doing, and answer your questions as they come up, so they don’t stop you in your tracks. 

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