This is a post about what it’s like to learn ukulele online, with me.

An online ukulele lesson is pretty similar to having a Skype or Zoom meeting. Except with ukuleles, and singing as well.

I’ve been teaching students all over the world, in several different time zones, for years now.

Learning music online is one of the most interesting, creative uses of the internet I reckon. (Okay, I could be a bit biased!)

There’s an amazing range of free and paid online resources for musicians of all kinds, including ukulele players. I know online teachers of guitar, bass guitar, fiddle, cello, singing and much more.

It’s a flourishing field. And I’d love to help you become part of it.

What you need

To have online lessons with me, you need a device with a screen big enough to see me and my ukulele, so you can follow what I’m doing. It needs to have a camera, so I can see you. A laptop or desktop computer is ideal.

You also need a reasonably stable internet connection, with fast broadband. You will need a Skype or Zoom account – both are free to join. Those are the two meeting platforms that I’m currently using. And you’ll need a ukulele.

That’s pretty much everything. We meet for a lesson at the arranged time.

Time zones and bookings

I use a bookings system, Acuity, that automatically deals with time zone differences. When you click this link to book and pay for ukulele lessons, it will ask you for your time zone, and then the lesson times will be shown in your local time. On my bookings calendar they will be converted to my local time. How cool is that! (I’m still impressed with how easy this is!)

I take payment via Paypal. I charge in US dollars, because many of my clients are in the USA. But I’m based in New Zealand. If you’re in New Zealand, message me via the contact page on this website and you can pay in local currency.

I offer a range of lesson times, including Saturdays, that suit people in several different time zones. But if you can’t find a time that suits, let me know and I may be able to help you.

Ukulele lessons in Hamilton

I’m based in Hamilton, New Zealand. When people google “Ukulele lessons, Hamilton”, they get me! I get messages from ukulele players in Hamiltons all over the world: Hamilton, Scotland; Hamilton, Ontario; Hamilton, Australia.

Even if you’re not in a place called Hamilton, I’d love to work with you!

Online lessons are easy

You can learn in familiar surroundings. You don’t have to leave your house. No travel time, no traffic jams, no parking problems.

I provide follow-up practice videos and other resources.

What to expect in a lesson

I teach online ukulele lessons in a pretty similar way to my in-person private lessons. Except we’re not in the same room.

I’ll sit where you can see both me and my ukulele.

Sometimes I’ll move closer to the camera so you can see my hands for strumming or chord shapes. Sometimes I’ll ask you to shift to a different angle so I can see what your hands are doing. But most of the time we’ll be looking at each other.

What you can learn in one lesson

You’ll be surprised how much you can learn in one half-hour lesson. If you’re an absolute beginner, I’ll get you started. If you already have some skills, I’ll work with you to take your playing to the next level, wherever you want to go.

Regular lessons

I recommend that people book for regular weekly or fortnightly lessons. That gives you accountability to keep practicing. But I’m also happy to teach a one-off lesson if there’s something specific you would like to work on.

Why work with a teacher?

Some players prefer to learn via pre-recorded lessons and Youtube videos. Others like one-on-one teaching. It’s about different learning styles.

When you work with a teacher you have a personal connection. You have accountability to keep going. You can ask questions and get your specific problems solved. You can request to learn particular music. When you’re learning to play music that lights you up, it’s a great motivator.

Fast track to music making

I’d love to help you get the skills you need to make music in the way you want to, as quickly as possible.

I’ll get you started making music with friends and family, or help you get ready to go out and join a ukulele group.

When you’re a beginner ukulele player, groups can be overwhelming. The other players don’t have time to slow down and show you what to do. You may feel that you just aren’t keeping up.

Getting some lessons is a great way to fast-track your learning. I can talk you through the problems, or help you learn the songs that your group is playing. Whatever you need.

Does this sound interesting?

Click this link to book online ukulele lessons with me. $US160 for six half-hour lessons.

Want to find out more about how I work?

Click here to check out my Alice Bulmer Music Youtube channel. You’ll find free tutorials for a whole bunch of songs, and I’m adding new ones regularly.

Hi, I’m Alice

I’ve been in love with the ukulele since my mother, Sue, taught me three chords when I was six.

I teach ukulele to adult learners all over the world via Zoom and Skype. If you happen to live in Hamilton, New Zealand, I also teach in-person classes.

Click this link to book online ukulele lessons with me. $US160 for six half-hour lessons.

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Alice Bulmer music

Photographed by Brooke Baker

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