Hi, I’m Alice. I’m an online ukulele teacher from Hamilton, New Zealand.

Music making is sheer fun. It’s also exciting, empowering, connecting, celebratory and healing.

You know music is magic. You wish you could get some of this fun into your life.

But you think you can’t. You’ve tried learning instruments in the past but it was just too hard.

I’d love to help you become a musician.

Playing ukulele is the fastest, funnest way into music making that I’ve ever found. 

How to play Cotton Fields on ukulele

Cotton Fields is a great song for beginner ukulele players. It only has three chords and an easy strum.
Some boys at my primary school had a ukulele band, and Cotton Fields was one of their greatest hits.

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Keys to transposition

This is a very basic, practical introduction to transposing for the ukulele. In this post I cover what transposition is and why it's useful. I also discuss four tools for transposition: a chord chart, an online transposer tool, a capo and barre chords. Many ukulele...

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How I became a ukulele teacher

I knew I was going to be a ukulele teacher at the age of six. My mother, Sue, taught me three chords and three songs, and I was hooked. I thought, “This is what I want to do for the rest of my life!” I was having such wonderful fun strumming. I played and sang and...

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Three chord magic

This post is about three chord songs and why I love them. Three-chord songs are a beautiful illustration of the abundant creativity of songwriters. Billions of dollars have been made with three chords, a rhythm pattern, a melody and some words. When I’m teaching...

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